Biafra History and Slave trade -A Reply_FE(1)

Biafra History and Slave trade -A Reply_FE(1)

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The Renaissance

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Biafra History and Slave trade -A Reply_FE(1)The Full Edition of Biafra History and Slave trade -A Reply (1) is a response video to a question we got claiming that Biafra existed in Cameroon and outside the present day Nigeria. This video examines the history of Biafra and Nigeria and how the origins and dates provided by the slave masters conflict. It also seeks to explain how the slave masters conquered what was Negroland and Guinea. This video simply tried to answer the question of where Biafra was located in ancient times.For those that have supported us, we say thank youYou are welcome to support us at or at those that have supported us, we say thank you ‌ ‌ ‌REFERENCES‌ ‌Brown, R. (1911). The story of Africa and its explorers (Vol. 1). Sale, G., Psalmanazar, G., Bower, A., Shelvocke, G., Campbell, J., & Swinton, J. (1766). An Universal history, from the earliest account of time (Vol. 16). Shaw, F. L. (1905). A Tropical Dependency: An Outline of the Ancient History of the Western Soudan with an Account of the Modern Settlement of Northern Nigeria. Buxton, T. F. (1840). The African Slave Trade, and Its Remedy. Malte-Brun, C. (1827). Universal Geography: Or A Description of All Parts of the World, on a New Plan, According to the Great Natural Divisions of the Globe (Vol. 1). A. Finley.MacQueen, J. (1840). A Geographical Survey of Africa: Its Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Productions, States, Populations, &c. with a Map of an Entirely New Construction, to which is Prefixed a Letter to Lord John Russell Regarding the Slave Trade and the Improvement of Africa. Fellowes.Hurd, W. (1799). A New Universal History of the Religious Rites, Ceremonies, and Customs of the Whole World: Or, A Complete and Impartial View of All the Religions in the Various Nations of the Universe Both Ancient and Modern, from the Creation Down to the Present Time: To which is Added, a Geographical Description of the Various Parts, the Religious Rites and Ceremonies of Whose Inhabitants are Described. J. Hemingway.Hutchinson, T. J. (1861). Ten years' wanderings among the Ethiopians. Hurst and Blackett.N.A(1714) Geographus, A. or, a Compleat System of Geography. Ancient and Modern, 5, 1711-17.Walker, J. (1822). The universal gazetteer.


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