Allah, God, Devil and the Negroes_FE(1)

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Allah, God, Devil and the Negroes_FE(1)
This is the Full Edition of our video on Allah, God, Devil and the Negroes. We tried to examine why the slave masters God and slave hunters Allah killed more people than the Devil, Satan or Lucifer. We also examined who between the slave masters, the slave hunters and the Devils have committed more evil on the Negroes.
We also tried to show that if the religions of Islam and Christianity were true and inline with nature, the slave master and his slave hunting partners would never have given them to the Negroes today. Also seeing how the Muslims and Christians are working together against Negro Freedom in Biafra and Ambazonia today should tell us who was behind the slave trade. Also we showed that the Nigerian Army(Including Cameroon) which was a slave hunting terror group renamed Army in 1863 still enjoys the support of both the Christians and Muslims till today and provides cover to both the Boko Haram you hear about and Fulani Herdsmen.

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