The Golden Calf for Negroes FE(3)

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The Golden Calf for Negroes FE(3)
This is the Full Edition of our video series on the Golden Calf for Negroes and further on how the Slave master and his accomplices give Negroes a counterfeit of everything. Also, a continuation of the counterfeit Benin Kingdom of today. The video gives a clue that the present-day Benin Kingdom is a creation of the Slave Masters and a counterfeit created after the slave masters destroyed the original Benin Kingdom in 1897. The so-called Oba of Benin is also a creation of the Slave master and his slave-hunting Accomplices.

It also shows how the Slave Master leverages on the Fallacy of Appeal to Authority to exploit the Negroes such that whatever he says is believed without proof or evidence.
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Please note that we did not restrict the full video to Patreon out of a desire to make money but because we observed that the descendants of the slave hunters flag our videos when the full videos are posted openly.
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