The brain of the Negro-A Reply FE(3)

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The brain of the Negro-A Reply FE(3)
This is the Full Edition of our response to a comment we received on one of our previous videos from some people who are likely Fulanis. The comments is below
Alasan Bah • 5 days ago
One of the most ridiculous and biased documentary I have ever seen

Mohamed Bah • 2 weeks ago
This is ridiculously fake journalism. Fulanis were themselves enslaved. You're just consumed with bias and hate for the Fulani. All your sources are unreliable. Why don't you try getting the Fulani side of your story ?
Mohamed Bah • 2 weeks ago
@THE RENAISSANCE In conflict situations one party usually suffers more than the other. I'm not the judge of these conflicts but I'm sure courts would deliver justice. Your reports shows open bias and hatred for Fulanis. When a hard working and resourceful nomadic tribe goes about their age-old business of tending to their cattle, there's bound to be conflicts which cannot be resolved simply by your rage and outburst of hatred for these indispensable Fulanis!

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