Negro Freedom In Biafra, Religion and Simon Ekpa_FE(3)

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This is the FE of our video series to show how the slave master and his slave hunting accomplices are trying to play their tricks on the Negroes seeking freedom in Biafra by using the individual with the nom de guerre, Simon Ekpa. As an agent of the slave master and his slave hunting accomplices, he is being used to divide and destroy the Freedom Struggle by the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) and their Leader Nnamdi Kanu

As at today, only the slave master and his slave hunting accomplices know the village of Simon Ekpa and no one is sure he is a Biafran but the slave master and his accomplices describe him as a Prince even when his father is not known. Interestingly, in defense of his well planned treachery, they claim he has to hide his village because he is afraid of some members of the IPOB leadership meaning that he is more afraid of Biafrans than of the slave masters’ Nigeria.

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