Fulani the enemy within-A reply_FE(2)

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Fulani the enemy within-A reply_FE(2)

This is the Full Edition of our response video, to a comment we received on a previous video about the slave hunters. 

Comment 1

Simonsayss6849  • 4 days ago

Stop this goofy propaganda. It’s only a historical fact in American history the Fulani were one of the largest groups to be enslaved in the United States. Europeans preferred them for their knowledge of cattle raising and their intellectual abilities.

Comment 2

As an African American lady married to Nigerian, I am learning a lot from this series. 

 Although, I have to disagree when the host says it was only the Christians and muslims involved in the slave trade or Ma'afa.

 In the U.S. the Jews often made the Locks & chains to be used to chain our people up. Jews also made $   On the Caribbean Islands of Nevis & St. Kitts, Jews were the predominant oppressors & enslavers, plus much more !!selling clothing for the enslaved People.