The Mental Enslavement of Negroes_FE(3)

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The Mental Enslavement of  Negroes_FE(3)

This is the Full Edition of our recent video The Mental Enslavement of  Negroes(2)

When people say we are all African, do you wonder if the nigerian Government is African ?

The best way to understand mental slavery is to think about a Negro killing his siblings over the interest of the European and Arab slave masters be it their religions Islam and Christianity or their colonial boundaries as in the case of Biafra and Ambazonia. Do you not wonder why no single African country condemns killings in West and Central African be it in Biafra or Ambazonia? What about why no single African country or Government is concerned about their people drowning in the ocean crossing for better life in Europe?

Please bear in mind that the Governments in Africa are mere appendages of the European and Arab slave masters and are useless to the Negroes and other indigenous groups


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