The Most Dangerous Slaves for Negroes-A reply_FE(1)

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This is the Full Edition of our response video to a comment we received on the video The Most Dangerous Slaves for Negroes_FE(2)
The comment was made by someone who is clearly a descendant of the slave hunters and most likely a Fulani Arab.The comment was made by the account @kaomalihm284 and says point of correction. British didn't introduce Christianity to Nigeria.... Britain did it.... And Yoruba people introduce Christianity to ibo people. Note that.....
You could've use this your post to advice your ibo about mistake they by suspended region Government around 1966. And created one Nigeria And barbaric suffering many Nigeria are facing now....Yoruba aren't problem of Nigeria... Thank you.
We would like you to observe how they are associating their atrocities today to a former member of the slave hunting terror group called Nigerian army who ruled the slave coast called Nigeria for 6 months in the 60’s before they murdered him on the behest of the slave master.
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